All in time my dear <3

I’m fucking terrified but my mom always told me I was strong . So I will be strong for her today .
This is something no kid wants to be doing for their parent . I never thought I would be doing it this soon .
I hope wherever she is at she is happy and finally with her fiancé and grandma . The two people she loved more than anything . I know she loved me more than anything . She told me and wrote about it all the time . I know she never meant to hurt me but sometimes it just happens .
On the bright side dad and I developed a close relationship . I used to feel so far away from him but I don’t so much anymore . I realized how much he really cares about me and supports me .

Can tomorrow be over please ?


Relationships suck, you either get married or breakup 

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You me and a pizza. Who knows where the night will take us. shoebaez

Love these nights.