Open Your Eyes

Life starts now so live it

I miss when you used to make me watch those stupid shows but in exchange you would scratch my head for an hour straight till I fell asleep . I miss how we would go out to eat and just talk about whatever . I miss you telling me to rub your stinky feet and me telling you not unless you eat that candle on the coffee table .. No way in hell was I touching those stinky things . Mostly I just miss you and I miss our relationship . I just miss my best friend .





i went to a party and put 3 whole loaves of sliced bread all around the house i put bread under the kid’s pillow and in all 3 of his bathrooms, in his rugby shorts and the breast pocket of his school shirt, on his roof and his neighbor’s roof, in his couch and on his tv i’m laughing so hard he’s going to wake up hungover tomorrow and be like why the fuck is there bread everywhere 


i’m pissing myself

jesus christ

jesus crust

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i only have abs in the morning 🙈